Erotic Art


Falcon's Fantasy Workshop

"Oh… There you are… Thanks for joining me here… Do you want to know about this artist's website? blushes… I suppose I could take a little peek between my fingers… Hold on tight for a wild ride… Oh… I suppose you can put your hand there… blushes… Good vs. Evil battles, and Falcon's Fantasy Workshop explores how each side handles its new partnerships! Orcs and elves, Zombies and fairies the beings we always assumed were natural enemies have crossed the lines and borders and are now entwined in each others arms, embracing anything but peace!

Watch in ecstatic intrigue as a Necromancers Daughter uses her father's arts to call forth a beastly lover for her sexual satisfaction alone! Thick, heavy chains that should hold down anyone only serve to entice the viewer into looking further and finding the spiked, slick dildos of orgies gone wild! blushes… This is actually a little exciting… Let's look a little further…

We watch as a priestess calls forth a shaft of light for her own lusty purposes, her magick request twisted deliciously to satisfy her insatiable sex! Some of the orgasms inside the workshop are forced others can't be helped and won't be held back! Even the strong arms of the gremlins you'll find within can't contain these welling up feelings of desire and consuming orgasmic plots! Be drawn in for the still renderings, but stay long and hard for the intense graphic stories! Mmmm… I think I should go before I get into trouble… Thanks for holding onto my… Well… Thanks for coming here with me… I hope I'll see you again soon… Bye for now…"


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